Benefits of Installing Real Hardwood Floors

You can’t beat real hardwood flooring – You just can’t! It truly is the best quality and adds great value to your home. Genuine hardwood flooring adds unparalleled warmth and character to your home that will last for years and years.

There are so many options to choose from including types of wood and stain, as well as beautiful and unique patterns. While solid hardwood boards are milled from a single piece of lumber and vary in thickness from 3/4″ – 7/16”, engineered wood flooring is made from multiple plies of wood with one solid wood as the top layer. It’s recommended that real hardwood only be installed at ground level or above. This is because solid hardwood expands and contracts depending on the moisture levels and temperatures inside and outside the home. Engineered hardwood flooring works well in the basement since moisture levels are higher below ground floor.

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, real hardwood floors are incredibly durable – they’re made to be lived on so don’t be afraid to have hardwood flooring if you have a busy household – solid hardwood can take it. The older your hardwood floors get, the more attractive they become. But with this “aging gracefully” process, the floors will need some tender loving care as the protective top coat will eventually develop scuffs and scratches, as well as discolor in areas over time. When this happens, the hardwood flooring needs to be sanded and refinished to bring it back to life. Hardwood flooring may be sanded and refinished up to 10 times, depending on the thickness of the boards, and this can be determined by a hardwood flooring professional. On the other hand, engineered boards can only be sanded and refinished 1-2 times in their life so that is another reason real solid hardwood is a great option when choosing flooring for your home.

Real hardwood flooring may be more expensive than engineered flooring but it’s truly worth the investment. It will last longer, become more beautiful over time (especially if it’s maintained properly), and adds great monetary value to the home. It also may not be that much more expensive depending on the type of wood and stain you choose. Contact us at Nelson Flooring so we can set up an appointment with you and determine your budget as well as give you a price on what it would cost you to add real hardwood flooring in your home. We look forward to hearing from you.