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Caring for your Hardwood Floors this Winter

3 Jan, 2017
Robert Nelson 0 comments

Caring for Your Hardwood Floors this Winter Winter can be incredibly rough on hardwood floors. Anyone who has hardwood floors knows this. The harsh element of winter – snow, salt, slushy mud – it can cause major damage to flooring including dulling the varnish as well as cause warping and gapping. So how can winter Read More

Restoring Hardwood Floors That Are Covered by Carpet

5 Jul, 2016
Robert Nelson 0 comments

It’s never fun when beautiful hardwood floors are covered by carpet. We see it happen often. Do we enjoy removing carpet from hardwood floors? No. Can it be done? Yes, but it’s not always easy. The end result of restoring gorgeous hardwood floors will not only add amazing beauty to your home, it will also Read More

Benefits of Installing Real Hardwood Floors

13 Apr, 2016
Robert Nelson 0 comments

You can’t beat real hardwood flooring – You just can’t! It truly is the best quality and adds great value to your home. Genuine hardwood flooring adds unparalleled warmth and character to your home that will last for years and years. There are so many options to choose from including types of wood and stain, Read More

How to Care for your Hardwood Floors in the Summer

15 Mar, 2016
Robert Nelson 0 comments

Summer isn’t too far away and it’s a good idea to start planning on how you’ll take care of your hardwood floors now before the heat and humidity increase in Madison Wisconsin. Moisture levels definitely play a role on how your hardwood floors will wear so it’s important to understand the ins and outs of Read More

Recoating Hardwood Floors

2 Feb, 2016
Robert Nelson 0 comments

Hardwood floors need to be maintained because they tend to have a lot of wear and tear. They are the most used and abused part of the house as family members and pets walk, run, stomp, and even scratch through the house on a daily basis. Your dog or cat’s nails can scratch the floors, Read More