Caring for your Hardwood Floors this Winter

Caring for Your Hardwood Floors this Winter

Winter can be incredibly rough on hardwood floors. Anyone who has hardwood floors knows this. The harsh element of winter – snow, salt, slushy mud – it can cause major damage to flooring including dulling the varnish as well as cause warping and gapping. So how can winter damage be prevented? Read along to learn how to protect your hardwood floors this winter.

Take Your Shoes Off at the Door This is self-explanatory. Make sure you and your family take shoes and boots off at the entryway (and on a floor mat) to prevent dragging in the harsh elements that damage floors. If someone does trudge through the house with shoes on, clean and dry the area right away. This simple step will drastically minimize damage to your floors.

Lay Down Floor Mats If your family has a hard time taking their shoes and boots off when they enter the house, install no-slilp floor mats to the high traffic areas of your home to protect your floors as well as prevent slippery falls from occurring. If you have children, make sure that they take off all snow-covered gear before walking through the home. This includes snow pants, coats, hats, and gloves!

Have Floor Care Products on Hand In case of accidents where snow and salt get onto the hardwood floor, make sure you have the proper hardwood cleaning supplies on hand. Whether you have a floor care kit or a simple towel and/or mop, make sure that any area affected by the harsh elements is cleaned and dried quickly and thoroughly. Salt and water are a hardwood floors worst enemy so be prepared!

Pet Care Have a towel handy by the front or back door when you bring your dog or cat in from being outside. Clean their paws thoroughly before letting them roam through the house otherwise they will bring in snow and salt. Maybe reward your pet with a treat every time you clean their paws since it’s not usually something they enjoy. ☺ These simple yet effective tips will help keep your hardwood floors protected from the harsh Midwest winter weather. If you are concerned about your hardwood flooring already being affected by the winter weather, contact us today. We specialize in repairing, refinishing, and installing hardwood floors. If you have a specific question about caring for your hardwood floors, don’t hesitate to ask us!