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Hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Hardwood floor refinishing before and after Nelson Flooring Madison

Hardwood floors are one of the most impressive features of a home. From the beautiful grains that hardwood floors offers, to the resistance to wear and tear that carpet cannot offer, hardwood flooring stands as one of the greatest features of a home.

When to refinish your hardwood floors.

With all things, wood flooring eventually will need to be refinished. It is true that wood floors get better with age, but at some point they will need to be sanded down and protected again. From the minor scratches that are caused by walking on the floors to the more elaborate wear such as children crashing toys on the floors, your floors will need your attention. These minor scratched and imperfections will leave your floors vulnerable to future water damage, splitting or even warping if not properly maintained.

What to expect from getting your hardwood floors refinished

Refinishing hardwood floors is quite a large job. Before you run out to rent a sander at your local hardware store, or hire the first provider that comes along, here’s a few quick tips to think through before making a decision:

  • Research floor refinishing contractors.

    Price is not the only factor you should consider when looking to hire someone. Clear communication and transparency is hugely important when finding the right fit. Make sure your service provider is able to work around your schedule and provide you with clear communication on how the process can go. Furniture will need to be moved and you may need to be out of the house for several days while finishes cure.

  • Keep your air breathable.

    Refinishing hardwood floors can create a lot of dust in your home. You shouldn’t be breathing that in, nor should you accept that type of condition in your home. Your contractor should explain to you what type of equipment they will be using and give you satisfaction around using a dustless removal system when refinishing your hardwood floors.

  • Know how to keep your hardwood floors protected.

    Take your time to carefully inspect the work of your contractor and also make sure that you know how to maintain floors and keep them protected. Refinishing your hardwood floors is a big investment. Make sure that you have the tools and knowledge to keep your floors clean and protected for years to come.