Restoring Hardwood Floors That Are Covered by Carpet

It’s never fun when beautiful hardwood floors are covered by carpet. We see it happen often. Do we enjoy removing carpet from hardwood floors? No. Can it be done? Yes, but it’s not always easy.

The end result of restoring gorgeous hardwood floors will not only add amazing beauty to your home, it will also add increase the value of your home. Removing carpet can help lessen dust mites that cause allergies as well as get rid of unsightly worn and torn areas of overused carpet. Many studies show that 45% of people who suffer with asthma suffer from dust mite allergies as well – Just another reason to choose hardwood flooring in your home!

Removing carpeting successfully from hardwood floors depends on how it was installed in the first place. We always hope when we pull back carpet that we won’t find it’s been glued and nailed down. Unfortunately, most carpet jobs are installed over hardwood with glue. You can definitely get the hardwood floors looking close to original as possible but it depends on the glue that was used to do the job and how bad the staining is. Sometimes, if the adhesive won’t come off, areas of floor need to be removed completely and replaced with new flooring that nearly matches the original.

When it comes to nailing down carpeting, one can face many challenges. How many nails were used to nail the carpet down? Did the nails get rusty? Did they leave a stain or large hole mark in the wood? We will assess all of this when we take on the job and decide what needs to be done to repair the issue.

This is generally how we handle a carpet to hardwood restoration job though each project is unique:

  • We’ll remove the carpet while trying to salvage the hardwood floors to the best of our abilities.
  • We will then tape over any openings with masking tape to avoid dust settling in unwanted nooks and crannies.
  • Sand the flooring.
  • Vacuum as needed to remove dust that will transpire.
  • Evaluate any areas of flooring that may need to be removed and replaced with near identical hardwood – again, each project is unique.
  • Stain the floor to bring the floors back to life!

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